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We don't bathe.

Showering is for losers.

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Robert Pattinson is a hobo.
team_hobopattz is a NON SRS BSNSS community dedicated to Robert Pattinson. However, we are not here to bash him or anything like that: we are a group of fans that are her for the lulz.
1| First rule and most important of all: respect Hobo Rpattz. Though we are here for the lulz and might often make jokes on him, we are fans. We like him. And if you don't like him don't join in. Haters to the left.
2| We are not srs bsnss, but we suppose that's not that hard to tell.
3| We are a bunch of people with no life and we appreciate it when people post stuffs. So, POST! A lot. Forever and beyond. We are friendly. =)
4| Respect other members. If you disagree with them, talk. DON'T START FIGHTS OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT cause we WILL ban your sorry ass. Oh yes, we will. We hate internet drama. In other words, just scroll down and relax, bitch. It's only live journal.
5| NSFL/NSFW pictures under the motherfucking cut, ok?
6| Personal journal posts to the left.
Contacting us
If you have any question left or want to affiliate with us, click here or pm one of the mods (miazevedo, brandnewluv, eurofabulous, jess_not_ie or ruinlily)
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PS: all manips were made by team_hobopattz members. Please, credit if you use them.